Friday, August 8, 2014

Finished: #4 - Ogunquit and Finished: #5 - Alby

Two more projects have been transferred from random knitting bags to the 'finished' shelf. The sweater is OK - it hangs strangely short in the back but I love the (sadly discontinued) yarn, Bamboucle from Elsebeth Lavold. The close-up is problematic as a photo but shows the pattern down the back. This was an easy stitch pattern that is very effective as a detail. I wore the sweater yesterday and will use it a lot around the house in spring and fall. 

Ta da da da da

The scarf is a mystery. I made it from Shetland wool which is scratchy at the best of times. Even after washing and blocking it is definitely not a next-to-the-skin accessory. I must have started if when I was itching to cast on something quick and easy. It was all done but the blocking when I found it at the bottom of the bag. I think that confirms that I am a 'process' knitter. But I have to admit that this period of finishing projects has made me more appreciative of 'product'.

Ta da da da da da

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