Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Month of fun road trip

I'm off with two friends to Prince Edward Island and then New Brunswick to see the Oh Canada show of contemporary Canadian art. The show was originally created for the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art and was mounted there in 2012. In June I was surprised to read that it was coming to the Maritimes this summer. That was made possible by the cooperation of four galleries, two university-based, one provincial and one private, in two provinces. It is a fantastic model and one we should support if we want other significant shows to travel east of Montreal.

I had originally arranged to travel to the show with one friend in early September. My surgery date put an end to those plans so I am delighted that we have found a way to make the trip and that we have added another person. That just means more giggles, more eyes to watch for street signs and more opinions about what we see. There will also undoubtedly be wine and ice cream.

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