Saturday, August 30, 2014

Something has changed

A few weeks ago a close friend said "Your work is going to change." She meant that it would change after my encounter with cancer. I facetiously asked her if she thought that I would suddenly start using colour instead of my usual greys and blacks. She replied "I don't know but something will change."

She's right. But not in the way I think she meant. My perspective on time is different now and that is mostly evident in how I am thinking about spending my creative time after my recovery. A number of incidents have triggered the insights which are starting to trickle into my head. 

When we did our Oh, Canada road trip we ended up at the Aberdeen Cultural Centre in Moncton where one of the galleries was located. We were too early for the gallery so we wandered and met an artist who told us about a fibre artist who had a studio on the third floor. We hustled upstairs where we met Marjolaine Bourgeois.  With her permission I have reproduced images of two of the works which were on her wall. 

À bras, 2014, Marjolaine Bourgeois

Les pieds dans l'eau, 2014, Marjolaine Bourgeois

You may or may not like her work but that wasn't what made the impression on me. We had a lovely conversation about why she does what she does and what sacrifices she has made to be a full-time artist. It made me think.

Then I stumbled on the artist interviews at World of Threads. Go and look even if you think you have no interest in fibre art. This is not your grandmother's fibre. Think sculpture and paint and installation. I read interview after interview after interview. And all I could think about was how precious time must be to all of the artists. A few months ago I would have been looking at materials and techniques and subject matter and design.

My friend was right - my work will change because I have a different perception of the value of time and I will use it differently. Nothing will be the same.

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