Thursday, August 21, 2014

Yet another dancing post

Last night the top six competed on So You Think You Can Dance. This week, like last, they each did a short solo in their own style. Last week, though, the solos were pre-taped and as a consequence lost the lustre that comes with a live performance. They were much better last night. In my opinion the solos give us a sense of the ultimate creativity of the dancers. So far as I know the competitors choreograph their own solos, perhaps with help from their instructors at home. Some are much stronger than others and I have a sense that that helps those dancers connect with the routines they are given on the show.

Here's Ricky's solo from last night.

One of the things I have really appreciated about SYTYCD is that it has introduced me to many new musical artists. Credits for the song/performer appear on screen in the first few seconds of each routine. That let's me follow up on iTunes or eMusic. This year the show started putting together playlists for each show on iTunes. On the first show of this season I learned about Meredith Monk and subsequently purchased some of her music. Her stuff isn't to everyone's taste so I am glad that her piece called Vow was used on the show.

I loved the song Ricky used for his solo: My Tears Are Becoming A Sea by M83. I have never heard of the artists before last night. This morning I listened to a lot of their other stuff. Their music will definitely have a place on the playlists for my indoor cycling classes this fall. Here's the band's video of another song: We Own The Sky. My students had better be prepared to do a long climb to this one.

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